Foam Cut To Size

We provide Polyurethane Foam, Polyethylene Closed Cell Foam, Dry Fast Foam, and Memory Foam in Portland, OR. We offer a Wide Variety of Foam Types, Sizes, Weights, and Densities. We can Cut your Purchased Sheet to Size or Shape. See Prices Here.

Finding the right foam size and shape is important when it comes to fixing your couch, chair, or other furniture piece. Sometimes size and shape may be overlooked and you end up with the wrong size that will not fit your needs. We advise you with our expertise to provide you with the right size and shape so you will be confident you are getting the right foam at the right price.

Foam Types

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Six Pound Rebond Foam

Sheet Size is 26 x 81 x 1
Price Per Sheet $22.21

Rebond Foam

10 Pound Rebond Xfirm Foam

Sheet Size is 26 x 81 x 1
Price Per Sheet $43.88

Rebond Xfirm Foam

Foam Shapes

Foam Boat Berth Foam Bolster

Foam Circle Foam Square

Foam T-Cushion Foam Wedge


Foam Certi-PUR-US Information


2017 FXI Certi-PUR-US Certificate